Join our brand ambassador program

Boutique Success Kit's brand ambassador program was designed with you in mind.  I am firm believer in community & collaboration over competition. 

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate of Boutique Success Kit? 
Nope,'s absolutely free to join & start earning. 

How much would a brand ambassador earn?
Great question!  You will earn 11% on each wholesale vendor list or e book purchased by your referrals.  This means you can earn lucrative commissions on each customer you send our way without limits.  
How to Start a Clothing Boutique Wholesale Vendor List

How do I join your affiliate program? 
Simply click the link here & complete the short application & you are good to go!
Use the links provided after you sign up to post to social media, blog posts, Pinterest links, Facebook Posts, LinkedIn Posts, Twitter Posts or where ever you network with our boss babes.
Plus as an bonus thank you for graciously trusting me with sending your friends and colleagues to our site they get an extra 10% any purchase.

It's a win - win for everyone!  
Any earnings or commissions are only estimates of what we think you could earn.  Each individual affiliate is responsible for their own earning potential.  We shall remain held blameless if an affiliate fails to earn any commissions.  All commissions from the previous month are paid out monthly before or on the 5th of each month.