How to open an Instagram boutique

Using Instagram to grow your fashion is a no-brainer for most, it's basically an online lookbook for goodness sake.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you grow your sales using Instagram. 

  • 68% of Instagram users are females 
  • 6 of 10 Adults use Instagram 
  • 80% of users follow a brand on Instagram 
  • 60% of users find new products on Instagram 
  • Instagram users are 70% more likely to make mobile purchases 

Tip #1 - Use the BIO section to the fullest 

Use this section to tell your potential customer what sets your brand apart from the other 10 million+ brands on IG.  You can now use “#” or “@” to include a clickable line.  Adding the hashtag is great for branded hashtags. 

Tip #2 - The Infamous Hashtag # 

Instagram allows for 30 hashtags, however, jamming in 30 isn't necessary.  To give your post a cleaner feel, try posting your hashtags in the first comment underneath your comment.  

  • Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.
  • Use hashtags that match your photo

Tip #3 - Brand Outloud 

Give your brand a voice & consistency 

  • Select a theme that fits your brand - Edgy, Girly, Classy & Conservative or Fierce & Bold whatever works for your brand. 

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Templates via Easil  

Tip #4 - Built-in Tutorials within Instagram 

Those geniuses at Instagram have some pretty awesome free tutorials built-in to the app.  It's super easy to find under settings. 

  vendors for Instagram boutiques Instagram Tutorial - How to Open a Boutique

Tip #5 - Spotify 

You can now share your Spotify Playlist -- great for adding mood music to the vibe of your posts and giving your followers more brand insight. 

Tip #6 - Be a Good Story Teller 

Use Instagram Stories share more about your brand; flash sales, giveaways, collabs, events, BTS (behind the scenes) or whatever your creative mind up with.   The Story Highlight feature is a great new addition.  You can use the highlight section to add to your feed without distracting from the look and feel of your feed. 

  • For boutiques with brick & mortar locations, you adding in your city location is a great way to bring in local brand awareness.
  • You can allow had hashtags to your story if you make them really tiny that almost become invisible as to not distract from your gorgeous graphics. 

online boutiques business plan premium wholesale vendor lists

checklist to start a boutiquewholesale boutique vendors

Story Templates via Easil  

Tip #7 - Make Your Feed Shoppable 

We go into making your feed Shoppable in our expanded Wholesale Guide a bit more but has a fashion brand this is a must.  It should also go without saying having a private profile as a brand is no go, potential customers need to see behind the veil.  

Tip #8 - Strategic Collaboration

Partnering with Influencers or bloggers is a great way to expand your brand.  

Main Points

  • Be fun & whimsical without coming across too salesy.   Mix up your post between new arrivals, memes, reposts & etc.   

Instagram Tools We Adore

Plann - - Great for pre-planning your feed. 

Canva - - Beautiful graphics for all social media, business cards (Pretty much anything Graphic Design related)   Canva is very intuitive for new users, but just in case you get a little stuck there are free tutorials.  Cost: Free - $12.95/mo per team member 

How to Build a Brand (Free Class via Canva) 

Easil - - Similar to Canva with great templates.  Cost:  Free - $9/mo

Promo Republic - - The perfect merger of content planning, and graphic design.  Cost: $49/mo for the basic plan

Styled Stock Society - Gorgeous stock photos 1,200 photos in 50+ collections less than $25/mo (Quarterly)

Girl Boss Stock - Beautiful Stock Imagery for Pinterest, Instagram & other social media posts. $29/mo (Monthly)

Creative Market - Excellent Resource for Fonts, Themes, Templates, EBooks, pretty much any design related.  Check for free downloads available each month


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  • Asa
    • Asa

    Such a great blog! I love tip #6 and Plann app as well. Plann literally doubled my followers on Instagram. Yay! Thank you for a good post.


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